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Friday Afternoon Odds & Ends

By Mike Silva ~ January 9th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

There were a few smaller items floating around, so I thought I would throw my two cents in on each.

- The possibility of the Mets signing Tim Redding has me on the fence. On one hand it’s a reported one year/$2.25 million dollar offer- Not exactly breaking the bank. The flip side is the Mets might have taken themselves out of the running for Pedro Martinez. Is that smart? Who knows? I think the Mets need to move past the last couple of years, but Pedro has far more upside than Redding. In a best case scenario Redding is another version of Darren Oliver who can provide meaningful innings out of the bullpen, plus provide insurance for Niese/Pedro. The big question is, does he have it in him? Also can he stay healthy?

- The Mets interest in Dennys Reyes is a great thing. I firmly believe the Mets need another left handed reliever. Championship teams have two lefties to navigate a ballgame. Pedro Feliciano is your late inning cross over lefty, and Reyes can be there for one batter. I rather them invest in a decent lefty, versus bringing in a bunch of left handed arms and hoping. In my opinion, Reyes will be just as effective, and cheaper, than Will Ohman, or any Japanese import.

- Would the Yankees try to steal Juan Cruz? River Avenue Blues brings up a Cruz signing earlier today. I have to admit, if the Yankees have money to burn, it’s a great idea. Cruz was one of Keith Law’s top free agents of the offseason. He fits the mold of what you like in a bullpen arm: throws hard, misses bats, and can get both sides of the plate out. The Yankees have tons of young bullpen arms with upside. None of them have a long track record. With the fickle nature of bullpen’s it would behoove them to pay for an experienced arm. At this point it makes sense to at least investigate this as an option. What’s a little more spending after Sabathia, Teixeira, and Burnett?

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2 Responses to Friday Afternoon Odds & Ends

  1. doctaK


    Gimme some stats to back up your points! Not sure Pedro has more “upside” than Redding and Pedro turned down a 1 year, $7 million contract from an AL Club. Compare to $2.25 million for Redding – Pedro ain’t worth it.

    2008 CHONE projections:
    Redding: 164 IP, 4.94 ERA
    Pedro: 72 IP, 4.97 ERA

    Signing Reyes would be ridiculous because he’s a LOOGY. Schoeneweis could’ve filled that role just fine. Ohman makes a heckuva lot more sense because he can get out righties too (righties OPS’d .700 against Ohman in 2008; they hit .802 against Reyes). Plus, Reyes made $1 million last year and Ohman $1.6 million – I don’t think Reyes would come THAT much cheaper than Ohman. Ohman is the best bet.

  2. Dave

    The Mets will sign Derek Lowe, and Pedro Martinez to go along with Redding. I heard about Pedro turning down a 1 year, $7 million contract from an AL Club. But I think that he’ll sign for less with the Mets. I also think he wants to be a Met. He has unfinished business with the Mets!

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