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Rumor Mill: 12/30

By Joe DeMayo ~ December 30th, 2008. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

There’s pretty much nothing to the Andruw Jones to the Mets rumors. It would be a “complete shock” if anything happened there.

Despite it appearing to be as perfect a fit there is to have Manny Ramirez roaming left field, a source with knowledge of the Mets thinking still says the Wilpon’s will not go there. Omar Minaya would love to go get Manny, and there’s always that chance that if Manny is sitting around when everything is set and done, that the Mets at least take a look. They’d be foolish to not even try at all. Even if their offer isn’t something Manny really desires, give it a shot. If the Mets do not sign Manny, you won’t see Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu, Adam Dunn or anyone of the sort, the job would go to Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis. Just picture this..

The Mets are intent on making offers to Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez, and possibly Randy Wolf this week with the intention of signing one of them. Derek Lowe has been the clear cut #1 choice for the Mets, and a league source still has little doubt he’ll end up with the Mets in the end. I would not expect Perez or Wolf to be signed in addition to Lowe. More likely you see someone of the Tim Redding/Freddy Garcia or even Pedro Martinez mold. The goal on the 5th starter would be to get a veteran on a one year deal that can likely give Jon Niese some more Triple-A time.

The Mets are legitimately OK with having only one left hander in the pen, but I’d say it’s definitely more likely they bring somebody in. They just do not want to give out a deal of multi-years, which rules out Joe Beimel, and possibly Will Ohman as well. Possibilities are Ken Takahashi from Japan and Eddie Guardado (good friend of JJ Putz’s).

Another important piece to the puzzle for the Mets would be getting another utility player to replace Damion Easley. The most likely candidate is Alex Cora. Cora is a light hitter, but still has ability, and is somebody that if an infielder gets hurt, and you put Cora at the spot, he’s not going to hurt you defensively or offensively. Another possibility is Aaron Miles who was non-tendered by the Cardinals. Miles would be a better hitter than Cora, but not as good with the glove. The Mets seem to prefer Cora.

The Mets will continue to look to trade Luis Castillo in hopes of finding somebody to take him, but the chances are looking slim. Buster Olney of ESPN says the Mets feel it’s a 50-50 shot they trade him, a league source with knowledge of the Mets thinking says that number is far lower, maybe as low as 20-80. If the Mets do somehow get Castillo out, then you will definitely see Orlando Hudson playing 2nd for the Mets. I personally think going through all this trouble is pointless, when you’re getting a marginal upgrade at best.

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Joe DeMayo

Joe DeMayo is a lifelong resident of Connecticut. He has been covering the Mets for almost 6 years. He started off as a writer for RoundingThirdKnight, which eventually in time would turn into SheaBaseball.com where Joey served as the Editor-In-Chief of SheaBaseball until early 2007. Joey then moved on to GothamBaseballMagazine.com where he wrote for a short period of time, and then was brought on as a correspondent and Mets minor league “guru” for NY Baseball Digest. Joe’s claim to fame is that he had the Johan Santana accurately portrayed since day one and broke the Omar Minaya extension. Check out Joe’s Mets minor league reports and Rumor Mill each week at nybaseballdigest.com He also has his own personal blog called St. Lucie to Flushing.

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2 Responses to Rumor Mill: 12/30

  1. Chris in Japan

    I find the Mets’ interest in Hudson interesting too. But I think numbers only tell part of the story. People talk about Manny and how he would make the entire lineup better by taking pressure off of other guys to produce. It makes sense, because of Manny’s freakish ability to hit a baseball. But, although I’ve never actually been part of a major league ballclub, I believe there are other ways you can improve the performance of the players around you. Through what baseball people like to call the ‘Incredibles’ -er I mean the “Intangibles”.

    So many Mets fans were railing on their own team last season because they saw (or at least they thought they saw) something lacking in the Mets performance on the field–especially late in games. Some people called it “heart” some called it “balls” (!) and some used the word “intensity”. Whatever it is, a LOT of people were talking about it. Even Manuel himself.

    Keith Hernandez talked about the need to break up the core group of players if the Mets collapsed again. Jeff Wilpon talked about “addition by subtraction”. I think that the Mets have identified the type of player (not based on stats or position or whether he bats righty or lefty, but based on the guy’s personality or mental make up or, dare I say, “heart”) that they think their team needs to make it to the post-season.

    I’m guessing that they believe Hudson is that type of player–somebody who–besides being an above average hitter with good speed and a great glove–will make everybody around him better.

    This way, we done have to get down on our hands and knees and beg Marlon Anderson to write one of his “messages” to the team.

  2. Old Timer

    Hudson is not a 10 million dollar player for 3 yrs. But he is more than a marginal improvement over the Castillo we saw playing last year. Castillo was probably the worst 2B in the league. Hopefully he will be healthy and be an average or better 2B this year, but that is certainly not guaranteed.

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