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Worst WFAN Callers Of All Time

By Frank Russo ~ December 5th, 2008. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

After Mike Silva listed his five worst WFAN callers, I decided to add my own list. Unlike Mike’s, my list is an all-time list which is derived entirely of Yankee haters. The members of this “worst of the worst” list all have crossed the lines of acceptable decorum and good taste, bringing sports talk radio to new low levels.

5. Bruce from Bayside.
He can be genial and quite funny at times, with his corny jokes and one liners, but he can also be annoying as all heck, especially with a voice that makes you want to jump off the GW Bridge screaming. We rank him in the #5 position only for the fact that he has aligned himself on numerous occasions with the “Crack Committee,” a group of Yankee Haters that was formerly led by Chris Russo. An Indians fan, he’s often goes to great lengths to tweak Yankee fans, and over the years has made some rather nasty comments. He once called up Russo and proclaimed that Thurman Munson was not tough because he was once knocked out in a home plate collision, and also inferred that Munson might have been a racist due to his relationship with Reggie Jackson, which of course, was totally untrue. He also once came on the air and declared that the Yankees franchise was “the most decadent” in sports history. When it comes to “Bayside Brucie,” it could always be worse. You might just be lucky enough to hear him wax poetic about Rutgers Women’s basketball. Enough said.

4. Lee From Brooklyn
As anti-Yankee as you can get, Mr. “Marvelous and Blessed” exudes pure hate for the pinstripes. At one time, he was a fairly regular caller to Tony Paige’s overnight show, but went into a self-imposed exile after Paige took him to task for making, consistently stupid and historically inaccurate statements. One great example was when he called up and made the comment that the Yankees franchise “lacked class” because they were the last team to integrate. When Paige corrected him by mentioning that the Red Sox were actually the last major league team, (with Pumpsie Green) in 1959, Lee just continued with his moronic rant. Tony finally had enough and hung up on him. He also once came on the air and belittled both the memories of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, accusing them of possibly taking steroids, and also making mention that both players were not worthy of holding Jackie Robinson’s jock strap. Just a sampling of the wonderful intelligence shown by a man who should not be allowed anywhere near a telephone and a radio.

3.Eli From Westchester
Eli, who passed away in January of this year, was considered to be one of the most notorious callers in WFAN history. A former professional football player with the Steelers and Saints, Eli was the first caller ever permanently banned from the WFAN airwaves. Known for making outrageous statements, he was also very well versed when it came to Yankee hating, where his remarks knew no boundaries. When Billy Martin died in 1989, Eli got on the air with Chris “Sad Puppy” Russo and sounded almost ecstatic about the demise of the former Yankees skipper. When Phil Rizzuto finally got elected to the Hall Of Fame in 1994, Eli called up Richard Neer’s show to proclaim how disappointed he was that “Scooter” finally got in, and insinuated that he was hoping to have him wait another ten years, or at least until he got Alzheimer’s disease and would never know that he got elected at all. Very classy.

2. James From Manhattan
An Orioles fan, this low-life has the kind of deep seeded hatred for the Yankees that is normally found within the gene pool of the RSN (That’s Red Sox Nation for those of you living in Manalapan). Calling Tony Paige’s overnight show one night, he proclaimed that the Yankees really only had 16 World Championships because they did not face any black players prior to the color barrier being broken in 1947, and therefore, those championships should be nullified. The “Manhattan Moron,” as we like to call him, has become a WFAN legend due to his incoherent and often asinine statements. Besides his usual diatribes, such as celebrating Yankee losses and injuries to Yankee players, this “dolt” once insinuated that he was happy when he heard about the passing of Cory Lidle. Overnight announcer and Yankees fan Mark Malusis takes great delight in goading this idiot into a rage that can be compared to an on-air apoplexy. Hopefully, James, who often mentions how he hates living in New York, will do everyone a favor and move back to his native Maryland.

1. Ray From Woodhaven
The number one thug in WFAN history, and for good reason, he gains this ranking because of one over-the-top statement made in 2001. For those of you who do not know the story, let me set the stage for you.

It was only a few weeks after the 9/11 attacks. The Yankees at this point in time, were in the midst of their amazing playoff run. One night, “Woodhaven” called in to the Joe Beningo overnight show and made low life radio history. The following is a transcript of that call.

Beningo: “Ray from Woodhaven, your on the FAN.”

Woodhaven: “Ah Joe, these are tough days to be a Yankee hater. I have to tell you.”

Beningo: “I know Ray, I feel your pain. I feel your pain”

Woodhaven: “I can’t believe how everyone is backing the damn Skankees. I don’t know Joe, I don’t get it. I don’t know what I’ll do if the Skanks win it all.”

Beningo: “Well, there’s still hope Ray, you know that.”

Woodhaven: “I have to tell you Joe, I don’t know who I hate more, the freakin’ Skankees, or those people who hit the towers,” (referring to the 9/11 terrorists).

After pausing for a moment, “Woodhaven” continues……

“Oh, who am I kidding Joe, I hate the freaking Skankees more.”

To say that those remarks were uncalled for and outside the boundaries of good taste would be an understatement. The fact that Beningo allowed this creep to stay on the air afterward was even more unacceptable. Allowing a total jackass like “Woodhaven” to make a hate filled statement, just weeks after the murders of 2,998 people, was unacceptable and should never have been tolerated, yet it was.

But the story does not end there. A few days later, “Woodhaven” again tried to pull the same garbage on the Mike and the Mad Dog show. This time though, he was stopped dead in his tracks by the ever vigilant Francesca, who basically called him out for his comments. For that reason alone, I have liked Francesca ever since.

And so, for the reasons stated above, “Ray From Woodhaven”  achieves, at least in my book, the status of the #1 worst caller in WFAN history.

Honorable Mention:

Maureen From Anaheim
Maureen’s overnight calls have become legendary. More annoying than anything, she is a former New Yorker and Mets fan living in Anaheim, California, who never hesitates to throw cheap shots at the Yankees and their fans, even though her husband is supposedly a Yankees fan. Most recently, she called Pudge Rodriguez a “punk” after he was involved in a fight with Torri Hunter in Anaheim, going on about Hunter’s virtues as a player and in the process, deriding Rodriguez. Of course, this was not the first time that “Mad Maureen” lost all objectivity because of her hatred for the Yankees. To be fair, Maureen can be genial at times, and is very tough on her own team. Still, we would prefer that she just stick to criticizing her Mets instead of going on and on with her anti-Yankee tirades, although we are pretty sure that won’t happen anytime soon.

George From Fordham Road
Although he is a Yankees fan, I find him to be as annoying a caller as there is on the station. Normally a caller to Tony Paige’s overnight show, his Bronx accent and poor diction is enough to drive anyone to turn the radio off, especially when he continually calls Paige by the innocuous, yet still highly annoying nickname of “Papa Smurf.”

Max From the Bronx
Max is normally a great caller who is very passionate about his teams. The only problem I have with him is that he continually uses the full name of the host that is on the air at the time when he calls in, and we literally mean continually, over and over again, as if it were some kind of filler for the conversation. As a joke, I once counted how many times he called Tony Paige by his full name during a ten minute conversation. The total came out to 37.

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Frank is a resident of East Brunswick, NJ and former radio announcer. He is a 4th generation Republican and Yankees Fan. He also enjoys listening to talk radio. His favorite announcer is Shawn Hannity of “Hannity” on FOX and enjoys reading about military history. In addition to rooting for the Yankees, he also has a passion for the New York Islanders. You can enjoy Frank’s work at The Dead Ball Era and his book “Bury My Heart at Cooperstown”. Check out his “Rants and Raves” on New York Baseball Digest.

5 Responses to Worst WFAN Callers Of All Time

  1. Rob K

    How on earth could you leave out that clown Joe D From Brooklyn. That old fart just calls to bash the Mets, especially Jose Reyes. His points never add up, he’s a hypocrat and downright mean. The way he talks down to Evan Roberts is unreal to me. How Joe Benigno doesn’t defend his partner when Joe D calls him “kid” or “boy” or “son”.

  2. CMG

    Anybody who calls The Midday Show is pretty bad.

    Harvey from Dix Hills is such a self-loathing Mets and Giants fan (Both are my teams so this is personal). He actually has not called under that name since Francesa went on a tirade for him talking about the Brodsky Investigation on Yankee Stadium finances (It is on Youtube known as Mike “Fox News” Francesa). He know goes under the name Howie and is just as insufferable.

  3. Chris R

    As someone who knows Ray from Woodhaven and who survived the WTC attacks, I can dismiss your diatibe against him as bogus. It was a joke, a joke even this WTC victim could see. Sometimes it’s cathartic to compare pure evil (al-Qaeda) with inconsequential evil (the NY Yankees). Get over it.

    This list is incomplete without Frank from Massappequa.

  4. BunsonBurner

    Very poor joke. Ray may have alot of pain from those horrific events but not in good taste to joke about it. Baseball is a game and those groups who commit murder against the citzens of this country are very serious. Ignorance is bliss I guess but its shameful that you would even waste 5 minutes on this site to defend a dopey joke like that. If Ray didn’t make it out that day would you have called up a radio station to joke about his passing? If you do, I invite you to go spend a week in the middle east and see how funny things really are over there. Stupid statement made by somebody whos never looked life and death in the eyes

  5. Lisa

    Listen I HATE JAMES (the oriole ass from Manhattan) and I AM A LIFELONG DIE HARD YANKEE FAN!! When I think about STUPID CLUELESS MISINFORMED JERKOFFS LIKE JAMES I WANT TO VOMIT!!!! I wish they would just do us all a favor and STOP taking his calls because lately he’s gone to far!! If this thing has any amount of courage he will tell us all his REAL NAME hahaha!!! It will NEVER happen, because he’s so damn scared maybe he will go back to MARY LAND where all good Lil girls should go!!!! Jamie girl do the world a favor SHUT THE FUCK UP U SIMPLE WRETCHED UGLY DUMB PIECE OF DOG POOP!!! Or come out of the closet and be a man who WILL GET HIS ASS BEAT!!! CHICKEN SHIT BITCH!!!!

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