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Curious Case of Second Base

By Mike Silva ~ November 25th, 2008. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Who offered what to Rafael Furcal? Where is the interest in Orlando Hudson? Are the Mets gonna roll the dice with Luis Castillo? Second base has become a more controversial topic then I could have imagined this off season.

Assuming that Daniel Murphy is not being looked at as the everyday 2b, where do the Mets go? Personally, as I mentioned on Sunday’s Hot Stove, Luis Castillo is a very risky proposition. The Mets positional depth at second is Argenis Reyes. How does that make you feel? That is why Omar must make a move on Furcal or Orlando Hudson. My choice would be Hudson.

I have mentioned numerous times that the Mets needs to address defense, leadership, and pitching this off season. Signing Hudson would improve all three areas. The most obvious is defense. We all saw a difference “up the middle” when Argenis Reyes was playing everyday. A tandem of Jose Reyes and O-Dog might bring back memories of Ordonez/Alfonzo. Because of the committment to Carlos Delgado, defense on the right side is even more important. If Castillo continues to see his range decline, the Mets might have the most porous right side of the infield in baseball. Think a pitcher like Jon Garland will survive in that scenario?

Leadership is something that is hard to define. It’s that intangible that all sabermetricians discount because it can’t be measured. You have to embrace a player that says he “wants the New York spotlight”. Sure, Hudson wants to be paid, but he probably can get that in Cleveland. Just think of what Keith Hernandez, Paul O’Neill, and Robin Ventura brought to this town. O-Dog could join that list of gritty professionals that lead in that all important “intangible” category. Plus, it’s not like he can’t hit. Hudson hit over .300 in 2008 and for his career is at .282. He is entering his late prime, but seems to be improving as an offensive player each year. Arguably you could be getting the most productive years of his career in the Mets lineup.

How does Hudson improve the pitching? Remember the 1999 Mets and the “best infield ever”. That staff was anchored by a #2 (Leiter), comprised mostly of #3′s (Reed, Rogers, Yoshii) and a declining veteran #5 (Hershiser). This group was fifth in the league in pitching thanks to a strong defensive infield. Wright, Reyes, Hudson, and Delgado is not on par with the 99′ group, but the key positions are just as good, if not better, then what you had with Bobby V’s Mets.

If Kenny Williams has offered Javier Vasquez for Luis Castillo, then it should have been made yesterday. Sign O-Dog, keep Murphy platooning in left, and your offense is set. Omar needs to spend the bulk of his time addressing the pitching on this team. Signing O-Dog will address that, plus put to bed the offensive needs this off season.

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2 Responses to Curious Case of Second Base

  1. Patrick

    Man I wish it was that easy. I have been saying that all along. Does Omar realize it is the offseason. Wake up Omar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. James K.

    “It’s that intangible that all sabermetricians discount because it can’t be measured”

    Nice generalization of “sabermetricians”. I bet you still think batting average and RBI are meaningful stats. “Chemistry” and “intangibles” etc. are not definite things you look for in the baseball player marketplace – they just happen. There’s no way of predicting if a guy is going to be a good fit in a clubhouse. You know what you can predict though? On-base percentage. Slugging percentage. OPS.

    There’s no way on God’s green earth Ken Williams offered Vazquez for Castillo. This myth needs to go away. Many Met fans think other teams exist to trade their best players for the Mets’ scraps. I’m a Met fan p.s.

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