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John Sickels Top 100 Prospect List

By Joe DeMayo ~ October 13th, 2008. Filed under: Mets Minors, Yanks Minors.

John Sickels over at minorleagueball.com does a great job, and he just recently came out with his top 100 list. There were four Mets, and four Yankees on the list, so New York didn’t do half bad. For the Mets you had shortstop Wilmer Flores ranked 29th, outfielder Fernando Martinez ranked 31st, left handed pitcher Jon Niese ranked 39th, and first baseman/left fielder Mike Carp ranked 77th. The Yankees meanwhile had catcher Jesus Montero ranked 37th, Austin Jackson ranked 56th, right handed pitcher Dellin Betances ranked 58th, and right handed pitcher Zach McAllister was ranked 91st.

What this shows is that both teams have some talent in the farm, but some of it is a distance away. For the Mets, Wilmer Flores just turned 17, and played in short-season ball, so you’ve got years until he is an MLB guy. Fernando Martinez is 19 and in Double-A, you could look for him if he stays healthy and dominates at some point in 2009, but more likely early 2010. Jon Niese is somebody that could potentially start 2009 in the rotation, or in Triple-A as the first call-up. Mike Carp repeated AA for his age 22 season and dominated this year, even earning my Mets minor league batter of the year as well as most improved prospect. Carp doesn’t seem to have a position, Mets are trying him in places, but it doesn’t seem to be working, my bet is his value is high this offseason and he’s dealt.

As far as the Yankees go, the only one on that list that is close to the bigs is Austin Jackson. He has a chance to make his MLB debut during 2009. Montero had a huge year in the SAL, which is the same league as the Mets Low-A affiliate Savannah Sand Gnats. You could expect him to start in Tampa in 09, he’s likely a 2011 at best option, but for a kid turning 19 in November that isn’t too bad. Betances had a solid year if you just look at his wins and ERA, but had great peripheral statistics, allowing only 87 hits in 115 innings, while striking out 135. Keep him around the same timeline as Montero. And as far as McAllister goes, he posted a phenomenal line in Tampa, you can expect him in Trenton, and heck if the need really arises and he pitches very well, he may see New York in 2009, but let’s bet on 2010.

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Joe DeMayo

Joe DeMayo is a lifelong resident of Connecticut. He has been covering the Mets for almost 6 years. He started off as a writer for RoundingThirdKnight, which eventually in time would turn into SheaBaseball.com where Joey served as the Editor-In-Chief of SheaBaseball until early 2007. Joey then moved on to GothamBaseballMagazine.com where he wrote for a short period of time, and then was brought on as a correspondent and Mets minor league “guru” for NY Baseball Digest. Joe’s claim to fame is that he had the Johan Santana accurately portrayed since day one and broke the Omar Minaya extension. Check out Joe’s Mets minor league reports and Rumor Mill each week at nybaseballdigest.com He also has his own personal blog called St. Lucie to Flushing.

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3 Responses to John Sickels Top 100 Prospect List

  1. Joe DelGrippo

    In my posting last month I had Montero, Jackson and McAllister all in my top 5 Yankees prospects for 2009 also with Juan Miranda and Mark Melancon.

    I will update and expand that list very soon.

    McAllister is especially intriguing as he was only so-so at short season Staten Island (good early but terrible late), but really improved in 2008. I spoke with a Charleston pitcher while they were playing in Lakewood, NJ and he said McAllister’s power sinker moves much more and he started throwing a slider. While I don’t like the slider as a pitch, if he shows it as a once in a while offering it would be OK. McAllister also naturally added about 30 pounds from one season to the next and is now more durable. Definitely starts in a crowded Trenton rotation, and based upon performance could move up to Scranton.

    Part of that very potent 2006 pitching draft put together by Brian Cashman and Damon Oppenheimer.

  2. acerimusdux

    Mike Carp has a position.
    He’s perfectly fine at 1B.
    They only tried him in the outfield to see if they’d be able to call him up in 2008.
    But obviously, Delgado isn’t going to be there forever.
    Nick Evans could be a candidate for 1B as well.
    But the one who really doesn’ have a position is Dan Murphy.
    Murphy isn’t goping to be the solution at 1B, because he’s not as good offensively or defensively as Carp.

  3. wobatus

    That’s not John Sickel’s top 100. Not sure where you got it. It may be something someone else posted on his blog. He would not have carp in the top 100.

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