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Mad Dog Russo On The Mets

By Mike Silva ~ September 30th, 2008. Filed under: Videos.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you have to enjoy seeing Chris lose his mind on the “Mad Dog Minute”

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10 Responses to Mad Dog Russo On The Mets

  1. AstoriaMetsFan

    Er….Sirius can’t afford a hair stylist?

  2. Phil Allard

    Russo is not a credible source…Thank God he’s off the FAN.

  3. Jay Sorgen

    Please tell me this is an act. The man has become a complete side show. Pathetic.

  4. MadDogFam

    I am a fan but…this is like Dick Vitale on crack…please go away Chris

  5. JL25and3

    Phil Allard: what does being “a credible source” have to do with it? He’s not providing news, just commentary. He doesn’t say anything that isn’t true – you could argue with the word “choked,” which I rarely use, but it’s certainly defensible. Otherwise everything he said is right, it’s just the way he said it.

    AstoriaMetsFan: Sirius is, um, radio. I seriously doubt that they hire hairstylists for radio.

  6. mcur24dog

    This guy has become a total joke. Please go away…

  7. Anthony from Massapequa

    All I can say is WOW. Totally off the wall. Probably just sour grapes because the SF Giants suck so bad. He is just lost in Sirius Cyber Space

  8. Joe DelGrippo

    Based on the above video, Chris’ weak Sirius radio show and the fact that Mike Francesa is virtually unlistenable (is that evan a word?) by himself on WFAN, it appears that Mike needs the Mad Dog and the Mad Dog needs Mike.

    They complimented each other very well and, at the very least, their show was entertaining.

  9. Triple R

    2008 Met Year Book Features:

    Willy Randolph as Manager

    and Mike and the Mad Dog Advertisement……something to ponder……Mets in 2009

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